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The importance of weight will immediately present itself when seeking a heavy hauler to transport heavy equipment. It will be a factor in the type of trailer that’s used and the roadways over which the load can travel.

In some instances, a heavy hauler may only be required to deliver the equipment to a dock for shipping overseas or to a railway yard for further transport overland. A heavy haul company can help individuals choose the least expensive and most effective way to haul any piece of heavy equipment when exporting heavy equipment

Exporting Heavy Equipment

Weight Systems

The U.S. is one of the few countries that uses the Imperial system of weights and measures. The weight will have to be converted to the metric system on documents for the destination country.


When shipping internationally to countries overseas, the weight will be an element in the type of vessel upon which the equipment is conveyed. Different types of ships are equipped to transport certain types of cargo, but not others. Ships also have limits on the weight they can safely carry. Breaking equipment down when possible and placing it in a container can have the advantage of maximizing space vs shipping costs.

If the equipment is confined in a standard cargo container, the maximum gross weight of an individual container can’t exceed 67,000 pounds – but different container sizes carry different payload capacities. Whether the equipment is carried on deck or in a container, the weight is an important factor in how overall weight is distributed across the ship when exporting heavy equipment.


Shipping overland by rail can be an alternative, depending on the destination country. Heavy equipment shippers will still need a heavy hauler to get the equipment to the railway pickup point. The equipment will typically be shipped on a flatbed railcar and may or may not be placed in a container. Some flatbed cars can handle gross weights up to 315,000 lbs.

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