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Heavy haulers are required to transport items that are extremely heavy and that can include over hilly or mountainous terrain. Unlike passenger vehicles, tractor-trailer rigs don’t use regular gas. They require diesel fuel for a very good reason. Diesel gas has higher compressive resistance than regular fuel and releases more energy. The more energy that’s released, the greater the torque, which means more power to move the truck along.

Diesel Gas

Compression Rate

Car engines have spark plugs that ignites a mixture of fuel and air in the cylinder. Diesel engines rely on a high rate of compression. Diesel engines compress the air until it attains a high temperature so fuel ignites as soon as it’s injected into the cylinder.


While diesel fuel is typically more expensive than regular gas, it packs a bigger punch in terms of the energy it produces. That makes it more cost effective for heavy haulers that transport heavier loads.


The energy produced by diesel fuel is known as torque and is measured by the twisting force exerted on the engine. Torque is required for the force behind the engine. An engine may have a significant amount of horsepower, but without torque, it won’t have the power needed to get up to speed, maintain a steady speed, or pull a trailer and cargo.

Less Maintenance

Diesel engines are built to tougher specifications than gas engines. The engines are more reliable and require less maintenance than an ordinary gas engine.

Fuel Efficient

Diesel engines are actually more fuel efficient than the average passenger vehicle, relatively speaking. A fast car is rated in horsepower and is able to attain higher speeds in less time. Diesel engines are designed to produce enormous amounts of power to haul the heavy loads that heavy haulers are required to transport, while being able to maintain steady speeds.

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