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Drivers have dozens of details to consider when preparing a heavy haul load to depart. Safety checks are conducted and equally important is ensuring the proper weight distribution on the trailer. When transporting a heavy haul load, balance is a key element. Proper weight distribution provides better vehicle control, improves towing ability, and reduces the potential for accidents.

Load Distribution

Fifth-Wheels and Tandems

The trucking company will typically make the decision about the type of tractor and trailer to be used, depending on the height, weight and length requirements of the cargo. It’s important to know that sliding fifth wheels and tandem trailers will alter the center of gravity when loading.

Flat Bed and Step Decks

Heavy equipment, machinery, dense, and oddly-shaped items can make loading a heavy hauler difficult, as it can be hard to determine exactly where the heaviest point of the item is located. All loads must be secured in ways that meet specific regulations and its especially important with heavy haul loads.

Weight Distribution Influences

The trailer’s empty weight and the weight of the load are critical points. It will provide the driver with an idea of what the gross weight will be. That will help the driver know how to configure weight distribution in a safe manner and secure it appropriately.

Heavy haul tractors are designed and built to different specifications, enabling them to move heavy loads and get up to speed. Triaxle or split tandem trailers can carry more weight, but that doesn’t mean the tractor can move it efficiently, nor does it increase the gross weight allowed.

The destination will also be a factor. Each state has its own set of rules that must be met. There are also federal requirements to consider. Axel requirements will vary widely and drivers will need to know their destination to ensure compliance.

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