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Transporting heavy haul loads is a complicated, complex and risky endeavor. It requires drivers to have specific training and skills to ensure the load arrives safely and to protect the public from potentially hazardous situations.

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation sets safety regulations for all major types of transportation. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates and provides safety oversight of commercial carriers. Each state also enacts its own regulations governing the type of permits that are required when trucks pass through its borders.


Permitting ensures that safe hauling and delivery methods are followed and that specialized precautions are taken with loads that exceed specified weight, height, length and width limitations. Loads that exceed those specifications are considered super loads and proper permitting must be in place before the driver embarks on the job. Depending upon the destination, multiple permits will be needed.

Failure to obtain the appropriate permits will prevent the load from traveling on certain roads or crossing bridges. The road may not be built to sustain the weight or too narrow to traverse. There may be overpasses that are too low for the load to pass under and bridges that don’t have the structural strength to support the weight. There may also be construction projects in progress that can affect routes.

Any of those situations can result in damage to the load, harm to infrastructures, and danger to motorists and pedestrians. Professional heavy haul companies have highly-specialized software to track changes in conditions that may require a change of routes.

Heavy haul companies can supply escort vehicles and proper signage when required. Heavy haul professionals are knowledgeable in the types of permits that are needed to satisfy federal and all state regulations, depending on the load, to ensure that heavy equipment arrives safely and on time without any delays or fines.

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