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Transporting heavy equipment is a highly complex process. It’s made more difficult as there are no uniform rules and requirements across all states. Regulations often change from county to county within the same state The specialists at North American Heavy Haul are cognizant of the regulations across the U.S. and beyond that governs heavy haul loads. The company also innovated many of the safety standards that are best practice within the industry.

High Demand

Construction equipment is one of the most often transported of heavy haul loads. Construction equipment encompasses an extensive variety of machines for building new structures to creating infrastructure. It includes dump trucks, bulldozers and trenchers to cranes, asphalt pavers and road graders.

Cross County or Foreign Country

North American Heavy Haul provides transportation for equipment anywhere within the U.S. The company transports to Canada and Mexico, along with docks for shipping abroad. The advanced logistics and tracking provided by the company ensures timely and cost-effective transport and delivery. Arrangements for shipping containers are available when needed for aboard a ship or if part of the equipment’s journey is by rail.

Routes and Permits

There are many roads that can lead to the same destination, but they’re not all equal. The professionals at North American Heavy Haul map out the best route for each individual load, mindful of any bridges, underpasses and road construction that could cause disruptions or delays.

Every equipment delivery will require permits, some of which will be digital. The specialists are knowledgeable about all applicable permits and obtains them to ensure a smooth transport whether locally or across country boundaries.

Smart Decision

For the safest transport of multiple types of equipment, it makes good financial sense to schedule with a leader in the industry. North American Heavy Haul has the experienced drivers, technological systems, and specialized trailers to ensure loads arrive at their destination on time, every time.

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