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Double drop trailers play a very important role in the heavy haul industry. They’re similar to drop deck trailers, but have some very important differences. The portion of the trailer upon which the load sets drop below the trailer axels, not just below the level of the truck axels.

Double Drop Deck Trailer

A double drop trailer works to create a well or space between the first trailer axle and the gooseneck. They also have a removable gooseneck that enables wheeled and tracked machinery and equipment to be driven onto the trailer.

Often referred to as a lowboy trailer or RGN, they’re an excellent choice for tall loads. A drop deck trailer can bring the bottom of the trailer to as little as 18 inches off the ground. That can provide up to 3 ft. to the clearance level of the cargo height and can prevent the need for specialized permits to save individuals money. The trailers also have a lower center of gravity making them a safer choice.

Double drop trailers accommodate loads that are very large and/or very heavy, along with those that have a larger weight, height or width. They’re equally applicable for equipment, machinery and awkwardly-shaped cargo that must be loaded by crane.

For cargos that aren’t affected by prolonged exposure to the elements, a double drop trailer is a good option. However, the cargo can also be tarped if desired. Tarps usually aren’t utilized since tarps can fray, rip and have the potential of coming off, simply due to the action of the wind at high speeds.

There are also enclosed drop deck trailers. They’re typically used for transporting large items that must be protected from the weather or shipments on pallets.

The weight, height and width dimensions that designate an oversized load varies widely from state to state. Utilizing a double drop trailer ensures that drivers are always in compliance no matter what state they find themselves traveling through.

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