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There are dozens of considerations involved when transporting equipment, products and goods to their ultimate destination. Depending on the freight and destination, there may be special documentation to cross borders, restrictions on drive times, and a requirement for escort vehicles. It’s important to compare the quotes of at least three trucking companies before making any decision.

Trucking Company


Potential clients will want to ensure that the trucking company has experience in hauling the type of cargo or equipment they want transported. It’s a good idea to find out how long the company has been in business, talk to other clients, and/or read reviews.


It’s imperative that the trucking company have the right equipment for the job. There’s a huge difference in ordinary freight and a heavy haul load. The company must have the trailer available to accommodate the weight, width and height of the load, along with a tractor able to handle the weight for the terrain that will be traversed.

Permits and Licensing

A highly regulated industry, heavy haul loads in particular must be in compliance with an extensive number of rules and regulations. Those rules can change from state to state and the selected trucking company must be in compliance with all applicable permits and licensing to meet federal regulations and those of multiple states.

Safety First

The federal government establishes safety standards and individual states often have additional laws in place to which truckers must adhere. The trucking company should be willing to share the types of safety measures they take such as securing doors and moveable parts, breaking down equipment when necessary, and cleaning machinery to be transported to eliminate flying debris.

Insurance Issues

Insurance is essential and clients shouldn’t automatically assume that the coverage carried by a trucking company will cover damage to their cargo, property damage, or any injuries that might occur. Discover the extent of the company’s coverage and the protections afforded to the cargo.


Make sure the trucking company’s costs and services are clearly spelled out in an itemized list and don’t be hesitant about questioning any items on that list. Don’t sign anything if all that’s provided is an estimate. Clients can easily find themselves billed for expensive “extra” services otherwise.

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