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If you’ve never had to contract for heavy haul services, the process can be confusing. It’s a highly complicated and complex process. There are a number of criteria you’ll need to consider when entrusting your cargo to a heavy haul company.

Years of Experience

Heavy haul companies don’t stay in business long if they deliver shoddy customer service or neglect safety. The heavy haul company you choose should have years of experience, an excellent reputation, and officials won’t be hesitant about sharing references.

Safety Record

The machinery, equipment and other items that comprise a heavy haul can be worth millions of dollars. You want a company that’s demonstrated an exceptional safety record. That means that the company maintains a high level of expertise and takes every safety precaution necessary to ensure the safety of your property and other motorists during the transport process. The heavy hauler will have had experience in transporting the type of freight you have to move, whether it’s an earthmover or a yacht.

Services Offered and Trailers

Reputable heavy haul companies offer more than simple transportation from one point to another. They’re prepared with specialized lighting, signage and escort vehicles. The company will also be cognizant of when those safety measures are required. While you’ll want to maintain your own insurance, the heavy haul company will be licensed, insured, and provide tracking throughout the cargo’s journey.

The type of trailer used matters. The professionals know which trailer will best suit your specific needs and the best technique for loading the cargo on the trailer. The company can arrange for a container if the load must travel part of the way to its destination by rail or ocean-going vessel.

Logistics and Permitting

The company you choose should have advanced logistics. It enables the company to map the safest and most expedient route that avoids potential impediments to delivery. The one thing that advanced logistics can’t plan for is inclement weather.

There can be multiple permits required, depending on the destination. An expert heavy haul company will be cognizant of the permits needed and obtain all pertinent paperwork or electronic documents to ensure every federal, state and county regulation is met.


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