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The first time you have to hire a heavy haul transport company, you’re likely to be taken aback by the cost. There are number of factors that you need to take into consideration when estimating the cost of shipping your freight. A heavy haul load is far different than any other type of cargo.

Time of Year

Heavy hauling is a specialty and companies are in high demand, especially during summer months. The time of year has an impact on shipping costs. This is true if the shipment will be moved entirely by truck or whether part of the cargo’s journey will be via rail or ocean-going vessel. If you must ship during peak times, it’s going to cost more and you need to schedule early to ensure availability.

The Direct Route Isn’t Always Best

The distance is another factor in cost. The shortest route may not be the optimal one for arriving at a specific dock. The advanced logistics utilized by heavy haul companies will plan the route that presents as few potential hazards and impediments as possible to ensure the safety of the load.

Special Accommodations

Depending on the item to be hauled, attachments such as plows or crane masts may need to be removed before shipping. In other instances, the cargo may require a shipping container to prevent road grime, inclement weather, or ocean spray from coming in contact with the load. The same is true when transporting large boats. If specialized loading equipment is required, it will affect costs.

Some heavy haul loads require special lights, signage and one or more escort vehicles. Depending on the freight dimensions, travel may only be allowed during certain times of the day. If police intervention is required to direct traffic or infrastructure such as electrical lines must temporarily disrupted, that also adds to the overall cost.

Fuel Costs

An often-overlooked expense is the fuel required. The engines in semi-tractors used to haul loads are optimized for power and efficiency. It still requires a significant amount of fuel to provide the power needed to move a heavy haul load.

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