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Essentially, heavy haulage is the transporting of equipment, machinery, building materials, and other items that exceed established limits for height, weight, length, and width. In Florida, that’s any load that exceeds13 ft. 6 in. in height, 80,000 lbs., 75 ft. in length, and 8 ft. 6 in. in width. Any load exceeding those limits requires a permit to be transported.

Regulations Vary

There are no uniform rules across the U.S., meaning hauls originating in Florida that need to be transported through other states or across international borders may need multiple permits. Depending on the destination and a state’s regulations, special lights, signage and escort vehicles may also be required. Load limits change from state to state and even from county to county.

Trailers Help Stay Within Limits

Heavy haul company have a variety of trailers at their disposal. Some are designed to help remain within stated limits. An example is a double drop trailer, also known as a low boy. It sets closer to the ground, reducing the height of the item to be transported.

Routes Make a Difference

The route that a heavy haul load takes can make a huge difference in the cost, permits needed, and arrival time. Heavy haul companies use advanced logistics that enables loads to travel any distance with as little fuss as possible. Sometimes the most direct route isn’t the best. The technology enables heavy haul companies to deliver loads promptly and in the most expedient manner.

A Highly Complex Process

A heavy haul load presents a variety of complicated calculations and safety measures. Those precautions ensure that loads don’t try to pass under overpasses that are too low or bridges that can’t handle the weight of the load. It allows heavy haul companies to arrange for police assistance if necessary, disconnection of electrical lines if needed, and numerous other accommodations to ensure the safety of the load, infrastructure, and other motorists.

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