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Heavy haulers transport a wide variety of items ranging from bulldozers and cement barriers to pipeline segments. The costs to move these objects will be expensive whether individuals are transporting them across town or initiating a transcontinental relocation. However, it can be less expensive to hire a hauler than to ship by other methods. There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of a heavy haul.

Height and Length

If the weight or height exceeds specific standards, the load will require special permits. The load may also require an escort vehicle. The laws vary from state to state, making it extremely difficult to determine exact costs.


A major factor when transporting a heavy haul is the weight. The heavier something is, the more fuel it requires to get the entire rig moving and sustain speed. It’s especially important if there will be hills or mountains involved for long hauls.


The cost of fuel can vary widely from one part of the state to another. Those costs can change dramatically when shipping outside Florida. Most heavy haulers automatically add a fuel surcharge (FSC) to every job to account for variances in fuel prices.


The distance to be traveled to the destination will definitely affect the cost of transport. It’s typically cheaper to transport something within Florida than out of the state simply due to shorter distances and the fact that there’s more freight entering the state rather than exiting.

Time of Year

Some shipping times of the year are less expensive than others depending on demand. Individuals should know that those rates can quickly change, since many companies try to ship during certain times of the month. This can result in higher rates as heavy haulers become scarce.

Type of Trailer

If the equipment to be moved requires a trailer and the object can be placed on a flatbed, also known as a lowboy, it will be less expensive than a removable gooseneck trailer (RGT) since they’re able to haul heavier loads. An RGT is typically utilized to carry freight that’s long and tall. The trailers can be lowered to the ground to function as a ramp.


Depending upon the type of load that’s being hauled, tarps may be required along with special insurance and tolls.

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