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Heavy haulers don’t just operate within the borders of the United States. They’re often called upon to transport machinery and equipment across international borders to Canada and Mexico. Custom territories are the land and waterways within the U.S. where sovereign borders meet. These areas are subject to the laws of the foreign country if traveling across those borders and out of the U.S. In the U.S., those territories encompass ports, airports and states where U.S. borders touch another country.

Why They’re Important

Customs territories are subject to different rules, regulations and laws, depending on the country the heavy hauler is traveling into. Heavy haulers will need special permits to cross the border out of the U.S. to deliver their cargo. Without those permits, a heavy haul load will be sidelined until the proper documentation is acquired. The same is true for heavy haulers wanting to enter the U.S.

US. Territories

The U.S. has multiple territories that fall under its jurisdiction, the land mass of which aren’t physically attached to the U.S. It’s important for individuals to know if their equipment or machinery will need to travel part of its journey via ocean going vessel and if the area is a U.S. territory or under the jurisdiction of another government.

One-Stop Resource

A heavy haul enterprise provides individuals with a single resource for all their transportation needs. The company will obtain any needed permits and other documentation, whether its physical or digital. The permissions can take several weeks to obtain. Individuals will need to factor that into their plans when scheduling a heavy haul.

The heavy haul company will map the best route over land and schedule water transport aboard an appropriate ship when necessary. The company can also arrange for a shipping container for the ocean-going part of the cargo’s journey.

Heavy Hauling is a Partnership

It’s important that individuals choose the right heavy haul partner for their needs. The right company will have the experience, expertise and knowledge to take care of every detail to ensure cargo arrives safely and on time.

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