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The pandemic amply demonstrated that truckers are essential workers. Limited selections and empty shelves attested to the importance of the trucking industry to deliver food, medical supplies and other products to stores. The pandemic was also the impetus for many women and younger people to dive into the industry, while many established drivers began contemplating striking out on their own as independents.

Women and Young People

Women of the nation saw an increased opportunity. They could earn a living, even when other industries were shut down. A number of trucking companies also recognized the advantages in hiring women and have opened schools targeting women drivers.

The average age of a male truck driver is 35. A range of younger individuals also saw an opportunity for long-term employment in the trucking industry. They’re signing up for training at accredited driving schools in record numbers, but there’s still a shortage of drivers.

Established Truckers

Those who already had an established career within the industry began to think about hauling independently. For experienced drivers, the motivation was different. They wanted more control over their routes, the jobs they took and their profits.

Becoming an independent driver isn’t easy. As an independent, they’re responsible for finding their own customers, obtaining permits and all the other expenses associated with the business.

Economy Drivers

As essential workers, truck drivers do more than deliver goods to stores and warehouses that customers want and need. Truck drivers in all capacities are critical for driving the economy. They’re critical infrastructure workers and support every sector in one way or another. Truck drivers are needed just as much now as they were during the pandemic and remain a central feature of the economy.

The trucking industry offers steady employment and incomes. It’s especially open to women and younger men that want a career. Truck drivers are an important element for the health, safety and well-being of the nation.

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