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The owners of large vessels know the dangers of trying to pilot their craft from either coast of the U.S. or destinations abroad. Storms, high seas, unpredictable weather, and dangerous docks are just some of the pitfalls that can damage even a large ship. For those and many other reasons, boat owners choose North American Heavy Haul to transport their vessels.

A Reputation for Excellence

The company is well-known for its experience and expertise in boat transports. The company can move large vessels from dry dock to a slip, across the nation, to Canada or Mexico, or to docks for transport by ocean going ships.

Gentle Handling and Advanced Technology

Advanced logistics, tracking, knowledge of permits, and highly-trained professional boat handlers ensure watercraft arrives at its destination safely and on time. The company can also arrange for a shipping container, escort vehicles, lights and signage when applicable.

Specialized Trailers and Disassembly Services

Any destination is possible with North American Heavy Haul. The experts in maritime transport have the specialized trailers to accommodate a wide variety of vessels. If a watercraft has its own trailer, it can typically be left on the trailer and the entire assembly loaded onto one of the company’s specialized heavy haul trailers for transport. There are very specific height limits for heavy hauls and vessels can often exceed requirements. The professionals can remove masts, towers and bridges prior to transport to ensure the entire load conforms to regulations.

Cost Effective Movement

It doesn’t matter where on the planet a boat is bound; it will eventually need to be transported overland during its journey. North American Heavy Haul is the most cost-effective way to transport a boat of any size.

An Innovative Force in the Industry

North American Heavy Haul pioneered many of the techniques that have become standard practice within the heavy haul industry. Safety is always a prime consideration. The company’s team of expert boat haulers treat each vessel as if it were their own.


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