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Tiny homes are becoming more popular and tiny home parks are springing up across the nation. While there’s no official size designation for a tiny home, they’re generally 600 square feet in size. The homes can be established on a permanent foundation, but they’re most often referred to as a tiny house on wheels (THOW) since they’re built on trailers.


The maximum dimensions allowed to be transported without a special permit is 8 ft. 6 inches wide, 13.6 inches tall, and 40 ft. long. However, they usually don’t exceed 32 ft. in length. Instead of towing the houses, many companies that construct them are opting to have the dwellings transported via heavy haulers.

Tiny Home Transport

Transporting a tiny house isn’t a simple matter of hooking it up behind the family pickup or SUV and moving it to a new location. Everything depends on the tow vehicle. The average weight of a tiny home is approximately 10,000 lbs., but can be up to 15,000 lbs. It has a high profile and will catch the wind. Hauling a tiny house isn’t a task to be undertaken by the inexperienced.


Individuals will need a tow vehicle with enough power to pull the load with ease. All trucks and SUVs aren’t created equal. Vehicles with the same sized engine don’t necessarily have the same towing capacity. There are also other concerns. The tow vehicle needs to have a hitch that’s compatible with the one on the tiny house. Tow chains will be required, along with the wiring to accommodate the tiny house trailer’s lights.

A truck with a tow package may suffice and there are also companies that rent tow vehicles. It can be much more cost-effective, safer and less nerve-wracking, to outsource the transport to a heavy hauler company. They have the specialized trailers and experience with various types of loads to prepare them for transport and to move a tiny home safely.

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