Transporting heavy equipment is a task that should never be approached lightly. There are a variety of things that can go horribly awry and have dangerous consequences if safety protocols aren’t followed. Safety measures are equally essential whether it’s an 18-wheeler hauling industrial equipment or a homeowner transporting a rented machine for a backyard DIY project. The following are the top 5 safety checks that should be performed when transporting heavy equipment.

Owner’s Manual

Every owner’s manual provides specific directions and instructions on the preparation and transport of equipment. It details the specific parts of the equipment that should be tied down, how it should be secured, and the proper blocking techniques or use of locking mechanisms for wheeled equipment. In some instances, the battery may need to be disconnected to disable alarm systems.

Trailer Capabilities

The capabilities of the trailer are key components for hauling any item. There are specific load limits for any trailer that must not be exceeded. Doing so will damage the trailer and the tow vehicle. Tires should be properly inflated and the bed and ramp free of debris, oil or other substances.

Vulnerable Parts

Inclement weather can occur at any time, making it imperative that vulnerable parts be covered to protect them from the elements or from overheating. Doing so will ensure that the equipment arrives at its destination without damage.


Make the transition from ground to ramp as smooth as possible when loading. The equipment should be able to move from the ground level and up the loading ramp with no gaps to traverse.

Weight Distribution

Once the equipment is on the trailer, it’s critical that the weight of the equipment be distributed correctly. The weight shouldn’t rest entirely on the front or back of the trailer. Appropriate weight distribution will make the trailer easier to pull, significantly reduce the potential of weight shift or the trailer tipping over, and makes it easier for the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and the trailer.

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