Planning and coordination of construction job sites can change from hour to hour and managing those changes encompasses people, equipment, and safety concerns. Site managers need the ability to look ahead and anticipate the unexpected and create alternate plans for changing conditions. Communication will be a key element in the process.

Preventing Theft

Any type of tools or equipment on a job site are at risk of theft. Handheld tools are a particularly attractive target, but don’t discount the potential for theft of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment theft and hand tools is a billion-dollar industry, with less than 20 percent of the property ever being recovered. Every construction site should be protected by a fence. Chain link is the preferred fencing method. It’s affordable and can be erected quickly.


A chain link fence is also an excellent measure for preventing unwanted incursions by trespassers. Warning signs will need to be displayed and the fencing provides an easy way to do so. Fencing is also an important safety precaution for preventing injuries to the general public. Every preventative option should be employed to prevent an accident that can result in an expensive lawsuit.


The tools and heavy equipment on job sites work hard. Regular examination and maintenance are essential processes. Depending on equipment usage, there will be multiple maintenance schedules to manage and you may need to arrange for extra machinery if a piece of equipment will be down for servicing.

Rentals or Purchases

Equipment and tools are expensive investments. In some instances, it may be more cost effective to rent specific items instead of purchasing them depending on how often a specific piece is utilized.


The use of GPS trackers is an excellent way to ascertain the location of any piece of equipment at any given time. It’s effective in the event of theft and it also provides an easy way to ensure that no piece of equipment is inadvertently left behind on a job site.

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