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Super Load Hauling

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Super Load Hauling and Transportation

North American Heavy Haul specializes in Super Load Hauling and Transportation Services from point A to point B. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

Contact and consult with us when arranging transportation for your Super Load. We will review and discuss our complete turnkey solutions, featuring hauling and logistics.

Contact North American Heavy Haul about your options for transporting equipment and machinery that exceeds the oversize regulation dimensions of the states in which your load will be traveling through. “Super Loads” are gigantic “oversized” loads and are highly regulated by every state. Our Special Services are for both logistics and transport and are required.


Using a Super Load Hauling and Transportation Specialist like North American Heavy Haul to help you along is an Absolute Necessity!

When you obtain oversized permits, that specific permit sets limits and limitations on the dimensions of your oversized load. Every state sets its own limits for height, length, and weight. (Width is standard everywhere in the United States) Loads that exceed the oversize dimension limits are called Super Loads.

In general, your load is a Super Load if it exceeds:

Weight. 150,000 LBS
Height. 16 feet
Width. 10 feet
Length. 75 feet

Super Load Hauling regulations vary by state. Some states utilize a percentage formula to calculate whether the load is in fact a Super Load. Most states have multiple levels of Super Load dimension requirements. Every level you surpass results in more requirements, restrictions, and inspections. Using a Super Load Specialist to help you along is an absolute necessity given the layers and levels of requirements needed to execute the load seamlessly.

We Specialize in Super Load Hauling and Transport Services To All 50 States including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam...Contact Us Today

What is Classified as a Super Load?
When you see a gigantic load rolling down the road, with flashing lights taking up more than one lane? That is in fact a Super Load. You can tell it’s a Super Load by all the escort cars encompassing & surrounding the super-sized transportation trailers. The transport of a Super Load is a major event.

Wind turbines, Steam turbines, and even large Yachts are all prime examples of equipment that must be moved as a Super Load. Offices and Modular buildings often require Super Load permits for transport as well. When moving an entire structure from one location to another location, that’s a Super Load. Other loads categorized as Super Loads include:

  • Mining Machinery or Equipment
  • Industrial boilers
  • Power Generators
  • HVAC equipment
  • Power plant transformers

A non-divisible load means you can’t break it down into smaller loads. However, you can request a temporary permit to ship your Super Load from each state along your transport travel path.


Different Trailers Options for Shipping Your Super Load
Super Loads more often than not are way too large for even three-axel, extended RGN trailers to move. Transporting Super Loads requires specialized trailers, including multi-axle RGN trailers. Many Super Load transports employ modular RGN trailers that are hooked together during travel.

Transporting a Super Load usually requires utilizing more than one type of trailer. The transport trailers usually used to haul Super Loads include:

  • Beam trailers. Multiple steel beams run beneath these trailers to provide extra support for the Super Loads. This is used to make the trailer taut and rigid.
  • Platform trailers. Multi-lane platform trailers allow you to spread your load over multiple road lanes. Every platform uses multiple wheels.
  • Steerable dollies. These trailers are used to provide your driver with precision steering capabilities for negotiating tight turns and smaller spaces.

Our Super Load experts will determine the specific design of the trailer system, along with all of the other logistical efforts needed for the haul. Our Team of Super Load Experts are full of experienced operators. Contact North American Heavy Haul today and we will be more than happy to share the strategy specific to your Super Load.


Super Load Shipping Requirements
You will be required to organize and plan extensively to transport your Super Load. Our experienced Super Load Specialists will review the rules and regulations for transport in each state your Super Load will transport through, then submit a strategic plan to each state. If the states approve your transport travel plan, the states will issue you travel permits for only specific times and dates.

Our Super Load Specialists takes care of:

  • Escort Vehicles. Your Super Load usually requires a full team of support vehicles, including but not limited to pilot cars to clear the path and bucket trucks to raise wires.
  • Route planning. Calculating which roads have the capacity to withstand the weight and size of your shipment is always the first step. As always traffic congestion is avoided.
  • Tunnel and Bridge and surveys. Your Super Load expert has to make sure your load avoids bridges and tunnels that are too low or too small.
  • Load Flagging. Every state has its own rules for how warning flags are displayed on Super Loads. You’ll be fined if you fail to follow the rules.

Heavy Equipment transportation company

Contact and consult with one of our knowledgeable and experienced experts when arranging transportation for your Super Load. We will review and discuss our complete turnkey solutions, featuring hauling and logistics.

1 (877) 561-4285

Super Load Hauling and Transportation Company: North American Heavy Haul

North American Heavy Haul has nearly 2 decades of experience as a Super Load Transporting and Hauling company. Logistically we can transport your Super Load anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada to Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands and Guam.

From New York to Chicago or Florida to California from one corner of the planet to the other North American Heavy Haul can transport your Super Load along with any other heavy Machinery you may require. Here’s a partial list of other heavy equipment we provide heavy hauling transportation services for.

At North American Heavy Haul, we have knowledgeable and experienced Super Load Hauling experts with whom you can depend. Contact us today to discuss the planning, mapping, and shipping of your oversized Super Load.

Additional services and information

With almost two decades of transporting and Heavy Haul experience under our belts, we ensure your heavy equipment will be transported safely. Our highly skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your bulldozer where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

Your Best Choice For All Your Heavy Hauling Transportation and Shipping Needs…

Call Us at (877) 561-4285 For Free Shipping and Transportation Estimates For All Your Heavy Hauling Requirements.

Super Load Hauling and Transportation | North American Heavy Haul

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