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A heavy haul load presents a variety of potential dangers and hazards. North American Heavy Haul pioneered many of the safety precautions that have become industry standards and have been incorporated into industry guidelines. It’s important for clients to know their equipment or machinery will be well taken care of throughout its journey, whether its within the state or across international borders. The primary objective in any heavy haul project is the safety of the load and mitigating any potential risk to other drivers.

Heavy Haul Specifications

In Florida, a heavy haul load is one that exceeds13 ft. 6 in. in height, 80,000 lbs., 75 ft. in length, and 8 ft. 6 in. in width. Special permitting will be required and specialized trailers utilized.

Center of Gravity

It’s essential that loads be situated on a trailer in an optimal position relative to the center of gravity. Weight must be distributed evenly. This presents a lower profile and significantly reduces the potential for tipping while navigating corners and highway ramps. Specialized trailers are available that facilitate lowering the center of gravity.

Clean and Clear

Bumps and humps on highways can lead to the dislodging of any dirt or debris on equipment or machinery. All types of cargo should be cleaned before loading to eliminate dirt and other forms of debris that could become dislodged during transit. If not removed, they can fall off the cargo and create a hazard for other drivers.

Securing the Load

Properly securing the load is a critical practice. Specific guidelines govern the type of tie-down to be used and where it’s placed for optimal safety. Chocks may also be needed to prevent equipment or machinery from moving during acceleration or in the event of a sudden stop. Chains are the preferred method. Straps may be used in some situations, but size and strength of the tie downs are carefully calculated.

Moveable Parts

The trucking company will lower all attachments and moveable parts prior to beginning the transport. In many instances, attachments may be removed and hauled along with the equipment to minimize height or length. Attachments that have been removed are secured separately. Any doors or steering wheels on equipment must be secured so they don’t move.

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