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A great many individuals will engage in local heavy hauls over short distances. However, for others, heavy hauling will take the form of long-distance runs to destinations throughout the nation. It’s a great occupation for those that feel the call of the open road. Drivers can conceivably find themselves hauling freight ranging from mining equipment to construction materials and even military equipment.

Depending upon the job, a long-haul trucker may be on the road for a couple of weeks at a time, while others may stay out for a couple of months before returning home. There’s an increasing number of drivers that choose to live out of their trucks rather than purchase a home in a specific location. They have the option of taking their downtime anywhere they want.

Long Distance Heavy Haul

Long distance heavy hauling is more than a job. It’s a lifestyle choice that doesn’t adhere to 9-5 rules. The majority of trucking companies that individuals drive for will try to accommodate a need for time off for family emergencies and similar situations. However, it’s important that drivers understand that it’s not possible to simply drop everything and head for home.

Individuals will most likely drive for a trucking company and the schedules can vary widely. Some companies offer terms of a specific number of days driving and a specified number of days off, while other companies may have schedules that keep drivers on the road for 50 hours or so before they must have time off.

Long distance heavy haul drivers can be called upon to transport any number of items that are heavy and/or oversized.  Delivery can be to any destination in the U.S. or even adjoining countries. The long-haul trucking life isn’t for everyone, but a great number of people excel at it and wouldn’t trade the lifestyle for any other job.

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