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The first thing that heavy haul drivers need to know to reduce accident risk is that few people piloting a passenger vehicle view a heavy hauler truck any differently than another consumer vehicle. They don’t understand the distances that heavy haulers require to stop or the need to make wider turns. Heavy haulers can reduce accident risk by driving alert and

Conversely, maneuvering in close quarters, through traffic and on worksites, and in inclement weather presents heavy hauler drivers with an increased risk for an accident. There are some basic things for every long hauler to keep in mind to reduce the potential for an accident.

Secure the Load

Always ensure that every load is appropriately secured before pulling out to prevent the cargo from moving or shifting. A significant number of accidents are the result of debris/items falling from a truck when it has to make a sudden stop or the load isn’t properly secured. Securing your load is the law and will reduce accident risk.

Safe Driving Habits

Safe driving requires vigilance at all times and developing driving habits that aid in reducing accidents before they occur. Safe habits include no drowsy driving or distracted driving. One of the leading causes of accidents is distracted driving due to mobile devices. Letting the mind wander is equally dangerous.

If a load requires a spotter or escort, listen to them, but drivers should use their best judgement based on their driving experience. That goes for overpass clearances, driving routes, and similar areas of potential problems. If a driver needs to pull over and survey the surroundings visually, don’t hesitate to do so.

Close Quarters & Blind Spots

Drivers need to use extra caution when pulling onto ramps, into traffic, or making turns. Leave extra space between the heavy hauler and other vehicles. Navigating in close quarters on job sites or drop-off points can be extremely difficult, especially when backing up. Always be aware of where the truck’s blind spots are.

Weather Conditions

The weather can change with little warning in any location. It pays to keep abreast of local weather conditions, which enables drivers to anticipate situations that could prove dangerous. Depending upon the time of year and locale, drivers can encounter snow and freezing rain, tornadoes, flooding from hurricanes, and even problems due to wildfires. Staying advised provides drivers with the information needed to make informed decisions to reduce accident risk.

With over a decade of transporting and Heavy Haul experience, we ensure any and all of your heavy equipment export is transported safely. Our skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your load where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

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