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Many drivers think cargo theft will never happen to them, yet it does happen and the frequency is increasing. Cargo theft is a $15 to $35 billion industry and thieves are continually devising new ways to make off with cargo in quicker and more efficient ways. While theft can happen anytime, most occur on weekdays, with the highest number taking place on Monday and Friday.

Due to the nature of the crime, few arrests or convictions are ever made and most cargo theft takes place in-transit. According to the FBI, the top 10 states with the most cargo thefts in descending order are: CA, TX, FL, IL, NJ, GA, AL, NC, IN and MO. The most frequent targets in 2020 was food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. However, there are measures that companies can take to lessen the risk.

Screen Employees

A background check on potential hires should always be conducted on everyone from office workers and warehouse employees to drivers.

Employee Training

It’s essential for companies to train their employees in the ways that theft occurs and how to thwart it. Drivers must receive training on ways to reduce the risk, such as keeping trucks in sight, checking cargo before departing after a stop, and what to do if they’re victims of cargo theft. Instruct drivers on safety precautions such as avoiding hot spots, only stopping at secure locations, and not leaving cargo unattended.

Security Measures

There are numerous security measures that can be implemented at the company, from security guards and CCTVs to high-tech keycard entry systems. Alarm surveillance systems can be installed, along with high security rear door locks on trailers. Security also includes conducting audits to identify any holes in the supply chain that could give thieves and opening.

Transportation Partners

Heavy hauler companies work with a variety of partners and background checks should also be conducted on them. Ensure that any partner company maintains its own background checks and has the same security philosophy.

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