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It’s not just heavy hauling companies that have preparations to make before they transport a heavy load. The owners of heavy equipment need to schedule their heavy haul as early as possible. There will be permits and documentation to obtain and heavy haulers are in high demand. A heavy hauler may not be available if scheduling is left until the last minute.

Preparing Equipment

Individuals will need to consult with a professional heavy hauler company to ascertain what type of trailer the equipment will require. Preparing equipment before transport is necessary. There are multiple types of trailers, each of which is suited for particular types of loads. Once equipment owners know the type of trailer that will be used, they can begin preparing their equipment.

Retract and Remove

Preparation on the part of equipment owners begins with retracting any booms and removing any attachments such as buckets, blades or scoops. Depending on the destination, it’s illegal in some states to transport equipment with a scoop or bucket attached. The heavy transport company can inform individuals of any special requirements.

Individuals will also need to disconnect the battery, latch all doors, cover the stack, and wash the machine. Debris and dirt can hide the tie-down points that heavy haulers will use to secure the load on the trailer. A clean machine will also prevent dirt and other types of debris from falling off during transport that can create a hazard to motorists.

Avoid Oversize Loads

Equipment owners will want to do everything possible to avoid having their machines designated as an oversize load. It will cost much more to ship and there are far more permits and regulations that will govern how the load can be moved and even the hours of the day when it can be on the road. Preparing your equipment ahead of time is essential. The equipment will earn an oversize load classification if it exceeds established height, width, length and height standards.

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