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Oversized Equipment Shipping and Transportation

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Oversized Equipment Shipping, Transport, Hauling, and Freight Services

North American Heavy Haul specializes in Oversized Equipment Shipping and Transportation Services. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam. 


We offer a comprehensive and complete transportation service for all your oversized construction equipment. North American Heavy Haul will facilitate both the transport of your oversized load and the logistics.

Oversize permits and escorts add to the costs of your transportation and freight loads. Fees can range from $50 to $400 per state. Usually to avoid a designation as an oversize load your piece must not be greater than:

  • Weight. 80,000 LBS
  • Height. 13.5 FT
  • Width. 8.5 FT
  • Length. 53 FT


Always remember that State regulations vary, so it is essential to have your Logistics Agent explain the exact dimensional requirements for all the states and regions in which you will be traveling and moving. If your load exceeds the maximum dimensions established by a state in your travel path, you will be required to apply for oversize permits, escorts, and possibly route surveys for transportation of your equipment.


North American Heavy Haul Oversized Equipment Shipping and Transport Services.

We Specialize in Oversized Equipment Shipping and Transport Services To All 50 States including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam...Contact Us Today

Paperwork and Permits

Our experienced heavy-haul logistics specialists can apply and submit your paperwork and permits for the transports that exceed maximum state dimensions. Listed below are the three main types of permits you will need:


1. Oversize permit. Currently, in most states, you will need to generate an account to request an oversize transport permit. Explain your days of travel as well as your route, then they will explain whether you can proceed. Usually takes 5-7 days.

2. Trip permit. Most heavy-haul drivers are required to obtain temporary registrations, these are called trip permits, when they travel roads that are not located in their home states. Most drivers join a service that calculates their permit fees monthly or annually.

3. Fuel permit. Transports travelling outside their homes states, drivers are required to pay a fee to every state they are traveling through. Most Drivers join  a service that charges them regularly, or they can purchase a fuel permit each time they navigate any specific state.

Fuel permits and trip permits are always required for every load that exceed 26,000 pounds or is traveling on three or more axles. (Some states have lower and more flexible weight thresholds.) Oversize permits are only required only when one of the dimensions of your load –height, width  length or weight, – exceeds the maximum dimension allowed. If the transport load is oversize, you’ll need a trip permit, oversize permits, and a fuel permit for every state on your travel route.

Oversized Equipment Shipping Services: Routing and Scheduling

Our Senior Logistics Specialists also facilitate routing and scheduling your oversized loads. You may be required to correspond with the state office to find out about your oversize permit, they will want you to  tell them where you are traveling and how large a load you are hauling.

Kentucky is the only state that allows you to ship your oversize load at any time of the week. Often many states restrict and prevent oversize transport travel times to around or before sunrise to right around or after sunset. You will have to confirm and verify the regulations for the states in which you will be transporting for any restrictions that may apply, such as:

  • Weather. Some states have the right to cancel your permit due to weather.

  • Holidays. Quite few states won’t grant oversize permits for travel on holidays.

  • Weekends. Most states don’t allow oversize transports during weekends.


Oversize transports also are restricted and designated to certain routes, these are based on the constraints of the highway, interstate and road systems as well as the intended dimensions of your load.

Possible reasons your proposed route could be denied are: 

  • Roads. Some roads can’t withstand the weight of your oversize load.

  • Bridges. You can’t ship an oversize load on a route with a low bridge.

  • Traffic. Some states restrict travel on certain roads due to road congestion..

Trailers and Escort Vehicles

You will have to decide on the correct trailer to transport your oversize shipment. Most of the time an RGN trailer is best, but RGNs come in lots of types and styles. Correspond with your logistics specialist to figure out which type of trailer is required to transport the oversized. RGN trailer type options for oversize transport loads include:

  • Multi-axle. Most RGN’s have two or three axles, one can get an RGN with more than 20 axles. Every state enforces a per-axle weight rule.

  • Weekends. Most states don’t allow oversize shipments during weekends.

  • Extended. They run as long as 150 feet, or more. Or you can add just a few feet to your trailer. Some states don’t allow any overhang during transport.

A final part of logistics for shipping your oversize load is hiring escorts or (Pilot Cars), if needed. Depending on your travel schedule and the dimensions of your load, you might have to hire pilots to escort your load. Ask your transport agent about the need for pilot cars, escort vehicles or boom-lifts to raise wires along your route.

Heavy Equipment transportation company

Contact and consult with one of our knowledgeable and experienced experts when arranging Oversized Equipment Shipping, Transport, and Hauling Requirements. We will review and discuss our complete turnkey solutions, featuring hauling and logistics.

1 (877) 561-4285

Oversized Equipment Shipping Services, Transport, Hauling, and Freight Services: North American Heavy Haul

North American Heavy Haul has nearly 2 decades of experience providing Oversized Equipment Shipping Services. Logistically we can transport your  Oversized Load anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada to Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands and Guam.

From New York to Chicago or Florida to California from one corner of the planet to the other North American Heavy Haul can transport your Oversized Load along with any other heavy Machinery, you may require. Here’s a partial list of other heavy equipment we provide heavy hauling transportation services for.

At North American Heavy Haul, we have knowledgeable and experienced Oversized Load Hauling experts with whom you can depend. Contact us today to discuss the planning, mapping, and shipping of your oversized Load.

Additional oversized equipment shipping services and information

With almost two decades of transporting and oversized equipment shipping services under our belts, we ensure your heavy equipment will be transported safely. Our highly skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your bulldozer where it needs to be on time, every time, and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

Your Best Choice For All Your Heavy Hauling Transportation and Shipping Needs…

Call Us at (877) 561-4285 For Free Shipping and Transportation Estimates For All Your Oversized Equipment Shipping Requirements.

Oversized Equipment Shipping Services | North American Heavy Haul

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