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Most people are aware that the trucking industry is responsible for transporting the ordinary goods and products they purchase. Many would be surprised to learn how many dangerous loads are also handled by truckers. Drivers do far more than “enjoy the countryside” as they transport large, heavy and hazardous loads. They’re constantly on high alert, are highly trained, experienced, and drivers must acquire specialized certifications to haul the most dangerous cargo on the road.

Hazardous Materials

No job for the faint of heart, drivers must have nerves of steel to transport these loads, it’s a dangerous job that not everyone is suited to perform. Drivers may be called upon to transport chemicals, pesticides and corrosive materials to dynamite, grenades and commercial fireworks. The potential for an explosion exists and the danger level is high.

Heavy Haul Loads

These encompass a wide variety of cargo. Drivers may be required to transport components for power plants. blades for wind generators and construction equipment, along with agricultural machinery and equipment for the military and mining industry. They must be familiar with multiple types of specialized trailers. Drivers must have steady hands and experience to keep their loads secure and other motorists safe.

Gas and Oil

Cargo can include fuel to gas stations, natural gas for heating homes and businesses, or oil to refineries. There is no margin for error when the cargo is flammable or explosive. The danger is high and ever present.

An Entire House

Whole houses and other structures are regularly moved every day from one location to another. They present a significant amount of danger to drivers, the load and infrastructure. They’re oversized loads in many respects, but these types of projects are routinely handled by those that specialize in moving entire structures. They must be moved very slowly, roads are often closed off, and it typically requires electric lines to be disconnected at some point in the journey. Structures must be properly balanced and secured to the trailer.

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