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Large vessels are commonly transported from dry dock to their slip for ocean-going fun or to large lakes, waterways, and foreign countries. Maritime transport requires very specialized trailers and precautions. If a craft has its own trailer, it can often be left on the trailer and loaded onto a transport trailer.

Maritime Transport

However, transporting a large boat or luxury yacht is different than other types of cargo. Relocating a large vessel come with some constraints, depending upon the destination for which its bound.

No matter where a vessel is bound, at some point it will have to travel overland. Boats traveling over roadways can’t be any wider than 12 ft. or no taller than 13 ft. 6 in. before requiring the services of a heavy hauler. In some instances, the craft can be made to conform to regulations by removing the masts, bridges or towers prior to transport. The destination for unloading must have a least a 14 ft. overhang.

The cost for shipping a boat will be dependent upon its size, destination and its value. Large boats and yachts may be transported on their own bottom and secured to a specialized trailer. If bound for a foreign country, a container may be required while on board a transport ship.

Very large boats and luxury vessels that are oversize are typically limited to traveling from 30 minutes after sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset. On Saturdays, those same vessels can be moved until 12 noon with an appropriate permit.

Boat haulers must conform to Department of Transportation (DOT) laws and regulations. A boat that exceeds the 12 ft. limit must have an escort vehicle. Boats that exceed 14 ft. wide must have two escort vehicles. Escort vehicles are required for any boat over 10 ft. wide in the keys.

Any boat over 8.5 ft. wide or 13.5 tall must have a permit. Professional heavy hauler companies know what permits are required. They have the high-tech logistics to plan the best route to eliminate low overheat passes and bridges, map the best routes, and ensure that vessels arrive safety at their destination – no matter where that is or the special accommodations it requires.

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