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Simply put, sloppy, negligent and unsafe heavy haulers typically don’t stay in business very long. The heavy haul companies that survive the test of time are those that take every possible safety precaution to preserve the integrity of their cargo, which also protects other drivers on the road. They have an elevated commitment to safety.


A safe and successful heavy haul requires accountability in every action taken, from the experience of drivers to investment in the latest technology that includes logistics and GPS tracking to ensure the safe delivery of cargo and drivers. Those measures also reduce costs for operations, insurance and equipment.

One of the most important aspects of safe heavy hauling are drivers that are highly trained, well-qualified, and safety oriented. They’re cognizant of the checks that must be performed before leaving any job. While Florida drivers typically don’t have to deal with icy conditions, those that do drive to colder climates have the necessary equipment to significantly reduce the potential for accidents to themselves, their trucks and cargo.

Safety also encompasses selecting the right trailer for any job, whether it’s hauling mining equipment, construction materials or agricultural machinery. The correct trailer for the specific heavy haul protects cargo and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. The correct trailer will have the capacity to haul the weight without incident, while making the loading and unloading process as easy as possible.

Loads will be centered with an eye to the center of gravity and secured according to all pertinent specifications. The cargo will be able to travel safely over a myriad of terrains and through multiple types of weather conditions. Loads will be checked at every stop to ensure there’s been no shifting of the cargo, no inadvertent snafus in securement, and no tampering has been done to the load.

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