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Even individuals that are experienced shippers of heavy equipment and similar items may not fully understand when they need the services of heavy haul trucking. Simply put, heavy haul trucking moves large, heavy and bulky objects and materials. It can also come into play whenever machinery or other types of freight exceed regulated height, width, length or weight limits. If you don’t know what the limits are, you need heavy haul trucking.

Heavy haulers have the specialized trailers, experience and knowledge required to haul any type of freight across the nation or internationally. Heavy haulers transport a wide variety of items encompassing construction machinery, mining and military equipment, blades for wind turbines, and even parts for airplanes.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul companies are cognizant of the specialized requirements needed based on the type of freight they’re hauling. That can include specific permits, banners and safety flags, flashing lights, and escort vehicles when applicable. It also requires careful mapping out of the route that will be taken to ensure the safety of the load and that drivers don’t encounter bridges and overpasses that won’t hold the weight or are too low to pass under.


In some instances, there may also be restrictions on the times of day that the heavy hauler can legally transport your load. There are additional restrictions if the heavy hauler is transporting a load during winter weather in the north. In some situations, a heavy haul load may also require a police escort.

The types of freight and cargo that heavy haulers transport are extremely expensive and you’ll want to know where your property is at every point in its journey. GPS tracking is a little-known service available with a heavy haul company. You’ll know the exact location of the cargo any time of the day or night. It will arrive safely and on time.

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