Safety, efficiency and experience are definite benefits when seeking a heavy haul company. There are dozens from which to choose and it pays to shop around. All heavy haulers don’t provide overland transportation to destinations ranging from Canada and Central Americar to ports for shipment overseas. The heavy hauler you choose shouldn’t be reticent about providing a free quote.

Talk to Peers

It can be helpful to talk to peers and others in your industry to discover who they’ve hired for their heavy haul loads. You’ll be able to ascertain if there were any areas in which the companies were lacking.


Some heavy haul companies are innovators, while others are happy with the status quo. North American Heavy Haul pioneered many of the methods, techniques, and procedures that are currently common practice within the industry.

Years in Business

One of the things to look for in a heavy haul company is longevity. Premier heavy haulers are in high demand. Those that provide less than optimal service don’t stay in business long.

Expertise and Services

You want a heavy haul company that has experience and expertise in hauling the type of equipment or machinery you need to move. Some are also skilled in hauling vessels ranging from cabin cruisers to multi-million-dollar yachts. Experienced heavy haulers will provide flatbed transport, super load hauling, heavy equipment exporting, and provide catastrophic recovery. They’ll arrange for container shipping when needed for ocean going loads or those that need to travel by rail.

Licensing and Logistics

Reputable heavy haulers are fully licensed, bonded and always provide insurance on the loads they transport. It’s a good idea for anyone to have their own insurance on their equipment or machinery. Superior haulers offer 24/7 state-of-the art tracking and logistics, ensuring you always know where your load is located.

Rules and Regulations

Experienced heavy haulers are cognizant of the rules and regulations governing loads when passing through different states and those associated with foreign countries. The company will know what permits are needed and obtain them to ensure the transport proceeds smoothly.


There are multiple types of trailers designed for specific kinds of loads. The heavy haul company will have the best trailer to accommodate loads of any size, height, width or weight. When applicable, heavy haulers also provide break-down services so the load conforms to regulations, which can result in considerable savings for shippers.

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