Whether you’re towing an RV cross country for recreational purposes or hauling equipment across town to a job site, there are a myriad of terrain types that you may encounter. Rolling hills and mountains interspersed with long stretches of flatlands will all affect your haul in different ways. That doesn’t even factor in construction zones, gravel roads and railroad tracks.


You should anticipate multiple types of terrain and plan for them ahead of time when hauling heavy equipment or pulling a trailer or camper. One of the first things you need are tires that provide appropriate traction, particularly if you’ll be driving on back roads, job sites, or in loose soil. You can easily and quickly lose control of a trailer in those conditions.


Make sure your vehicle has the power to pull the trailer’s weight and cargo comfortably. Don’t overload the trailer and ensure the load is balanced – not too far forward or back. Doing so enables the load to be towed more easily.


The greater the speed, the easier it is to lose control in loose soil or if you swerve to miss wildlife that wanders into the road. A steady speed is always best and just because the speed limit may state 55 mph, use caution and common sense especially on inclines and during inclement weather conditions. Drive at a speed that’s equitable to the conditions whether that includes rain, high wind or steep inclines.


Braking systems should be adjusted so they don’t lock up if you’re forced to brake quickly or come to a stop. It takes longer for heavy trucks or a tow vehicle and trailer to stop than it does a passenger vehicle. It’s always a bad idea to depart from established roads or tracks since the shoulders will be far more slippery than the main road.


Always know the height of the trailer and cargo you’re hauling. The ground clearance of the tow vehicle is equally important. You definitely don’t want to attempt to pass through an overhead impediment that’s too low or traverse a path with obstacles that can take out an axel or oil pan.

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