Few people give a second thought to the specialized tractor-trailer rigs that must be perfectly matched to haul equipment, machinery and a myriad of other objects. To ensure the safety of the load, heavy haul drivers receive specialized training. Professional heavy haul companies also provide a variety of other services.


All semi-tractors don’t have the same size engine. The engine must be of sufficient horse power to be able to move the weight of the trailer and its load, get up to speed, and be capable of climbing hills if necessary.


There are multiple types of trailers that can accommodate different heavy haul loads. Some are capable of being dropped down to within a couple feet of the pavement for extra tall objects. Others enable motorized vehicles to be driven onto the heavy haul trailer. There are also designs that allow the trailer to be extended to additional lengths. The heavy haul company has the experience to know what type of trailer is best for a specific piece of equipment or machinery.


Heavy haul loads are unlike any other. A heavy haul tractor-trailer combination requires more room for turns, to stop, and to accelerate. Drivers must know the proper way to distribute the weight of the load and how to secure it properly.

Drivers attend specialized classes. They must have a good driving record and meet special licensing requirements to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Heavy haul drivers are under stress to deliver loads safely and on time, which requires a calm demeanor and the ability to work well under pressure.

Professional Service

Individuals with machinery or equipment to transport need to choose their heavy haul company carefully. Professional heavy haul companies make transport as easy as possible for clients. They take care of required permits and provide GPS tracking every step of the way, along with escort vehicles, signage and lighting when necessary.

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