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The trucking industry is facing a shortage of drivers and nowhere is that more evident than in the heavy haul industry. Heavy haul drivers are in extremely high demand due to their expertise in transporting heavy and bulky cargos – that can be worth millions of dollars – to their destination quickly, efficiently and safely.

Heavy Haul Drivers

Heavy haulers are specialists in transporting equipment, whether it’s from one state to another, to Canada or Mexico, or to ports for shipping overseas. Heavy haul drivers have an advanced level of expertise. One reason for the demand is that older drivers are retiring, while the need for heavy haul drivers is increasing. It’s estimated that approximately 1.1 million new drivers will need to be hired over the next 10 years within all areas of the trucking industry.

High Demand

From construction materials to high-end mining equipment, heavy haul companies are struggling to obtain the highly trained and experienced drivers they need. Failure to find those drivers is impacting deliveries now and the situation will only get worse as time goes on. A lack of heavy haul drivers has the potential to severely interrupt supply chains and the ability for companies to prosper.

Heavy haul drivers transport a wide diversity of items ranging from wind generator blades to submersibles and it’s a specialty service that requires an elevated level of safety, licensing and training to produce qualified drivers. Those drivers transport loads that exceed conventional width, height, length and weights using specially designed trailers.


Being a heavy haul driver is also a lifestyle choice to which not everyone is suited, which further increases the demand for drivers. It requires a significant amount of time away from home. A substantial number of heavy haul drivers also opted to take traditional delivery truck positions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Those actions and others resulted in a shortage of fully qualified heavy haul drivers to fill an increasing need.

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