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Heavy Equipment Export

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Heavy Equipment Export

Heavy Equipment Export | North American Heavy Haul

As a Heavy Equipment Export Company, North American Heavy Haul specializes in Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, and Hardware Export Services from point A to point B. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam.


Contact and consult with us when arranging transportation for your Super Load. We will review and discuss our complete turnkey solutions, featuring hauling and logistics.

Contact North American Heavy Haul about your options for transporting equipment and machinery that exceeds the oversize regulation dimensions of the states in which your load will be traveling through. “Super Loads” are gigantic “oversized” loads and are highly regulated by every state. Our Special Services are for both logistics and transport and are required.

Here at North American Heavy Haul, we specialize in exporting your heavy equipment abroad and overseas. We will facilitate and handle the transport to the port, overseas shipments, and final delivery to the destination.

North American Heavy Haul has the knowledge, experience and expertise to ship your heavy equipment to any destination in North America. Our professional export partners transport heavy equipment across North America and the Globe every day. We’re international Shipping and Export specialists.

You can count on us to facilitate every aspect of your equipment export. Full-Service equipment transport and export services from North American Heavy Haul includes:

  • Logistics Services

  • International Shipping

  • Port Transports

Correspond with one of our Senior logistics specialists to facilitate the export of your equipment. Our Specialists will locate space and availability aboard a Vessel or Aircraft, arrange ground transportation to and from the ports, as well as process the appropriate paperwork required to transport your equipment to another country.  Contact North American Heavy Haul today to discover & learn more about how our talented and experienced team can help you export your heavy equipment.

We Specialize in Super Load Hauling and Transport Services To All 50 States including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam...Contact Us Today

Heavy Equipment Transport to and from All Ports

Transporting heavy equipment is our specialty. Our drivers have years of experience transporting and hauling heavy machinery to all ports for export. When we send the driver to the port, we always make sure the operator possesses the proper ID documents for that specific port. Pre-registered drivers usually get through quickly, while unregistered operators usually wait a few hours before their entry will be authorized.

We’ll match your heavy equipment with the best and most appropriate trailer for hauling it to port. You can depend upon North American Heavy Haul to get your equipment to the port on time and in absolutely perfect shape. Our trailer choices for transporting heavy equipment to the port include:

  • Flatbed trailer. Ports usually have limited services for unloading equipment. Ask your agent to check for dock or crane availability.

  • RGN trailer. At the port, you want to be able to drive your equipment off the trailer as quickly as possible. Ask your agent to send a hydraulic RGN.

  • Step deck trailer. A step-deck with steel ramps also is great for transporting equipment to the port. Rear offload, so you don’t have to move the tractor.


Do you have transportation for your equipment from the destination port to the next location? North American Heavy Haul can facilitate and handle both ends of your land transport. Let us take care of transporting your heavy equipment and machinery from your destination to anywhere you need. Our professional partner portfolio is full of dependable associates willing and capable to haul your equipment and machinery from any port to all over the world.

International Heavy Equipment Transportation and Shipping

Additionally, our experienced and knowledgeable representatives know all the ins and outs of shipping your heavy machinery overseas. We work with experienced, well-known freight forwarders to transport your heavy freight overseas. Speak with your rep to learn all your export choices and options.

On some specific routes, container shipping is your only possible option. All of our partners will disassemble your equipment so that it nicely fits in the standard ocean container if it’s needed. The options for shipping your heavy Machinery overseas include:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) shipping. Usually, the least expensive way to ship your equipment, due to being easily loaded and unloaded with a crane.

  • Less-than- Container (LTC) shipping. Smaller pieces of equipment can ship on an open deck. Additionally, we can also combine your shipment with another load.

  • RollOnRollOff (RoRo) shipping. We can drive your equipment onboard a vessel and secure it to the deck, where it will be covered for transport.

  • Airfreight. It’s usually always faster to fly than ship overseas, but way more expensive. When shipping equipment by air, you pay by weight rather than by container load.

We will also handle break-bulk cargo shipments, equipment, or machinery without wheels that are too big to travel and fit in a container. No matter how large or oversized your piece of equipment is, we can find a way to ship it internationally. Contact us today to find out more about overseas transport for your heavy equipment/ machinery.

Heavy Equipment Export Paperwork, Licensing, and Fees

Your heavy equipment is not going anywhere without the proper paperwork. Over the years, we’ve cultivated reliable and solid partnerships with export professionals who will process your export paperwork efficiently.

Correspond with your Logistics Specialist to learn more about the types of documentation required to export your heavy equipment. The export  credentials and documentation that we handle for you includes:

  • Shipping paperwork.

  • Port documents.

  • Cargo insurance.

  • Export Licences

Our logistics professionals are seasoned experts at arranging your export paperwork. We will handle the processing of your license requests, preparing your export credentials, and paying the associated and appropriate costs. For Complete service handling of your heavy equipment export, Contact North American Heavy Haul today!

Heavy Equipment transportation company

Contact and consult with one of our knowledgeable and experienced experts when arranging your Heavy Equipment Export. We will review and discuss our complete turnkey solutions, featuring hauling and logistics.

1 (877) 561-4285

Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, and Hardware Export Company: North American Heavy Haul

North American Heavy Haul has nearly 2 decades of experience as a Heavy Equipment, Vehicle, and Hardware Export company. Logistically we can transport your Super Load anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada to Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands and Guam.

From New York to Chicago or Florida to California from one corner of the planet to the other North American Heavy Haul can transport your Heavy Equipment Export along with any other transportation requirements you may have. Here’s a partial list of other heavy equipment we provide heavy hauling transportation services for.

At North American Heavy Haul, we have knowledgeable and experienced Heavy Equipment Export experts with whom you can depend. Contact us today to discuss the planning, mapping, and shipping of your Heavy Equipment Export.

Additional services and information

With almost two decades of transporting and Heavy Haul experience under our belts, we ensure your heavy equipment will be transported safely. Our highly skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your bulldozer where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

Your Best Choice For All Your Heavy Hauling Transportation and Shipping Needs…

Call Us at (877) 561-4285 For Free Shipping and Transportation Estimates For All Your Heavy Hauling Requirements.

Heavy Equipment Export | North American Heavy Haul

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