There’s satisfaction is knowing that you’ve delivered a piece of heavy equipment safely and securely to its destination, especially when considering the hazards and myriad of things that can go wrong. There’s far more involved in delivering equipment to your job site than loading and securing it, covering any pertinent parts, and distributing the load appropriately.

The logistics and the way in which equipment is delivered will depend on the size and weight of the equipment and the distance it will need to travel. Tractors, boats and items of a similar weight and size can typically be handled with a flatbed trailer, often called a lowboy.

For items that exceed the weight, height, or size limitations of a flatbed, the services of a heavy hauler truck and trailer combination will be required. They’re the solution of choice for items such as planes, cranes and excavators, along with front end loaders, construction beams, turbines, and manufactured homes.

There are specific laws governing what is considered an oversized load and a superload in Florida. An oversized load is one that exceeds a width of 8 ft. 6 in. or exceeds 8 ft. when traveling on roads of 12 ft. wide or less. A wide load is also anything that exceeds 13 ft. 6 in. in length. Limits are in effect for how much weight each axle is allowed to support.

Any load exceeding 15 ft. high, 15 ft. wide, or 150 ft. long is considered a superload. If the width exceeds 16 ft., the route the transport vehicle will take must be surveyed, preceded by a qualified escort, and sometimes a chase vehicle.

The required permits must be kept onboard at all times. Permits are valid for a specified number of days and travel is limited to certain times of the day depending upon weight and/or height to ensure the safety of the hauler and motorists on the road.

Regulations for delivering your equipment safely to the job site don’t end there. Red or orange flags are required to increase visibility to motorists and any protrusions or corners must be clearly marked with an orange square. The tow vehicle will also be required to be equipped with amber warning lights to ensure your equipment arrives safely and without incident.

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