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Flatbed Transportation Services

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Flatbed Transportation Services...North American Heavy Haul

Flatbed Transportation Services | North American Heavy Haul

North American Heavy Haul specializes in Flatbed Transportation and Shipping Services from point A to point B. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam.


North American Heavy Haul provides flatbed transportation services and trucking for all your freight with affordable rates & on-time delivery. North American caters to the needs of customers shipping special equipment or goods that make loads which are either too wide, too long, over-sized, overweight or a combination of these… But can still legally drive on the highway.

A flatbed trucking service is absolutely ideal for shipping points, or construction sites that have no docking site available to use or that may require expedited load and unload for time-sensitive projects.

North American Heavy Haul can schedule trucking that’s local or interstate. We can organize transport for nearly any type of freight. We actually have numerous specialized choices at our disposal.

Regardless if your load is tall, wide, over-dimensional, or heavy our experienced staff are experts at matching the right flatbed trailer for your load.

When it comes to Flatbed Transportation Services you can always rely on North American Heavy Haul to exceed your expectations. We understand that speed and efficiency are of the essence when it comes to shipping your load. In regards to permitting, we can assist you in assembling all your permitting requirements to ensure you are legally transporting your freight.

Every flatbed shipping is different. Flatbed Transportation Services starts with the Drivers themselves. Not every Flatbed Transport Carrier has the skillset and experience to navigate flatbed transportation. Moving freight on trailers, securing/balancing the freight, transporting the load – there is a great deal involved. We only work with experienced flatbed operators who have:

  • Appropriate Licensing
  • Completely Insured
  • Years of Experience

Whit so many flatbed transport and shipping companies around it can be a challenge to zero in on who has your best interests at heart. North American Heavy Haul has a team of professionals that actually care about your results.

Simply call us. We’ll drop what we’re doing to help you, we have Logistic Specialists on call 24-7. Our Specialists have contacts all over the United States and can guide you to the right solution for your flat shipping requirements.

Flatbed Transportation Services for All Types of Freight

North American Heavy Haul can provide covered or uncovered transports for your machinery and heavy equipment. Depending upon the weather conditions, you may need your load shipped in a covered trailer (dry van).

With tons of products being shipped every day our flatbed shipping transportation services offers you experienced, qualified, and dedicated service, regardless of industry. :

  • Dry van. Unless you secure the load, heavy equipment that shifts during transport can greatly damage a dry van. Excellent for hauling goods in adverse weather.

  • Flatbed trailers, In addition to small equipment, we will ship your containers or boxes efficiently and quickly into and out of the disaster zone.

  • Step-deck trailers. Great for shipping motorized heavy equipment or machinery

  • that doesn’t exceed dimensions. Smaller machines fit on the upper deck.

  • RGN trailers. Your best choice for shipping heavy machinery that threatens or exceeds dimensional rules and regulations. Excellent for large motorized machines.


Call North American Heavy Haul to haul your heavy equipment locally or long distance. For local moves, we can include utility trailers and hotshot trailers to the list of transport methods. We get clever and creative, leaving no stone unturned when we’re dealing with our client’s freight.

We Specialize in Flatbed Transportation Services To All 50 States including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam...Contact Us Today

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Heavy Equipment transportation company

North American Heavy Haul… Transportation Shipping, and Logistics Experts.

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“We Ship Where You Want it…When You Want It”

Common Heavy Equipment Brands North American Heavy Haul Transports

John Deere
New Holland

Allis Chalmers
Atlas Copco
Ditch Witch

Flatbed Transportation Services Company: North American Heavy Haul

North American Heavy Haul has decades of experience as a Flatbed Transportation Service Company. Logistically we can transport anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, Canada to Puerto Rico as well as the US Virgin Islands and Guam.

From New York to Chicago or Florida to California from one corner of the planet to the other North American Heavy Haul can transport your freight via our Flatbeds along with any other transportation requirements you may have. Here’s a partial list of other heavy equipment we provide heavy hauling transportation services for.

At North American Heavy Haul, we have knowledgeable and experienced FlatbedTransport experts with whom you can depend. Contact us today to discuss the planning, mapping, and shipping of your Equipment Export.

Additional services and information

With decades of Heavy Equipment transporting and Heavy Trucking shipping experience under our belts, we ensure your heavy equipment will be transported safely. Our highly skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your freight where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

Your Best Choice For All Your Heavy Hauling Transportation and Shipping Needs…

Call Us at (877) 561-4285 For Free Shipping and Transportation Estimates For All Your Heavy Hauling Requirements.

Catastrophic Recovery Transportation Services | North American Heavy Haul

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