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The success of any heavy equipment exporting relies on the experience and expertise of the heavy hauler company. It doesn’t matter whether the equipment’s destination is Canada, Mexico or somewhere overseas, it’s essential that people choose the right heavy hauler. The following are some things to keep in mind when hiring a heavy hauler for export services.

Compare Costs for Heavy Equipment Export

Exporting equipment is a highly complicated and complex process. Obtain quotes from at least three companies. Let the old adage “you get what you pay for” be a guide. Exporting heavy equipment and similar items is expensive. Heavy haulers that brag about cheap pricing may offer those services, but neglect essential steps to actually get equipment across borders. A contract should explain in exacting detail what the company provides.


Talk with friends and others in the industry to discover who they’ve used to haul their equipment and if they were happy with the services provided. Look for a heavy hauler that provides end-to-end services that include loading, transport and the paperwork required.


A reputable heavy hauler will have a variety of trailers available to accommodate the needs of multiple types of equipment to be transported. The tractors and trailers should be well-maintained and the company will be able to load equipment safely.

Safety First

Heavy hauler companies pride themselves – and build their reputations upon – safe delivery of the equipment they transport. Look into the company’s safety record. Equipment should be cleaned before loading, safely secured, and haulers must adhere to best practices. That also includes mapping out the quickest and safest route, along with providing an escort vehicle when required.


Exporting anything to another company requires specialized documentation to make it through customs. Each country has specific licensing, legal requirements, and paperwork that’s required. Reliable heavy haulers are familiar with those documents and are able to supply them so the client’s cargo doesn’t languish in a holding area or on a dock.

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