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Many people choose to engage the services of a broker to arrange for a heavy hauler to transport their load, but it’s not absolutely necessary, depending on the heavy haul company. You can also go straight to a heavy haul company to arrange transportation of your load.

Ensuring your load arrives in a timely manner and in a safe condition is a paramount concern. While it is possible to arrange for a heavy hauler to transport your load, it can be easier to work through a broker if it’s the first time you’ve shipped. Some heavy haul companies will only take jobs arranged through a broker.

Heavy Hauler

Freight Broker

A broker essentially connects clients with heavy haulers. The broker arranges for the transport and tracking of your load by a commercial heavy haul company. Their task is to locate quality, reliable and qualified carriers to move a load. They negotiate with trucking companies on your behalf. The broker will also be responsible for obtaining the required permits and other types of paperwork.

You’ll pay a broker a specific amount. The difference between what you paid the broker and what the freight company charges will go to the broker. Part of a broker’s job is as a logistic provider to keep tabs on the load and track it throughout its journey.

Heavy Haul Company

You can also work directly with a heavy haul company that provides a one-stop resource that offers all the services of a broker. The heavy haul company has the equipment to haul the load and the advanced logistics technology to track it. The company will obtain needed permits and have extensive experience in the supply chain.

It’s important to understand that not all heavy haul trucking companies offer those services or have the capabilities that come with advanced technology. That’s especially important if you’re shipping to another country. When you hire a heavy haul company directly, be sure to obtain a full list of services it offers.

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