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In Florida, any load that exceeds 8 ft. 6 in. on a roadway that’s less than 12 ft. wide requires an oversize load permit. The same is true for loads exceeding 13 ft. 6 in. in height or over 40 ft. in length. If the weight is more than 21,000 lbs. per axle or 34,000 lbs. for a double axel, there will be oversize load permits required.

The laws for heavy haulers are very clear and specific, but they don’t end with height, weight and length. If the freight or equipment meets the qualifications of an oversize load, other regulations will come into play. The load may require the services of an escort driver.

Regulations include how many hours per day the driver will be allowed to be engaged in the active transport of the load. The rig can only begin transporting from 30 minutes before sunrise and must stop 30 minutes after sunset if the load is between 10-14 ft. wide. Holidays also present a travel problem. No movement is allowed on holidays if the load is more than 14.6 ft. high, 10 ft. wide, or 80 ft. long.

Loads that meet the criteria will require oversize load signage or a banner on the front and back of the vehicle and in specific colors. Flags of precise colors and sizes are also required – they must be able to wave freely and without impediment. The purpose is safety and to make the heavy hauler as visible as possible to other motorists. Depending on the equipment or objects to be transported, tarps may be a requirement.

The wide range of laws governing oversize loads are very specific. It’s just one of the reasons that anyone that needs equipment or other items to be hauled should consult with a professional heavy hauler company. They’re cognizant of the rules, the best type of rig to accommodate the weight, height and width of the load, and the safest and most efficient way to ensure the load arrives on time.

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