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There have been instances of distracted drivers since the first motorized vehicles were created. Distracted driving isn’t a new concept, but there are many more ways to be distracted than in the past. Motorists that allow their attention, hands or vision to wander even for a few seconds, increase the potential for an accident.

When a car runs afoul of a trucker, the odds are not in favor of the passenger vehicle and the results are typically catastrophic. There are multiple ways in which ordinary motorists can be distracted while driving and they pose an enormous hazard against which truckers must constantly be vigilant.

Distracted Drivers

Drivers that allow themselves to be distracted are making a bad decision and every action after that exacerbates the situation, whether it’s adjusting their playlist, making a phone call, or responding to a text. They miss critical clues about traffic, street signs, and misinterpret road conditions. Distracted drivers may not see pedestrians, bicyclists or wildlife.

Texting and talking are the two primary ways in which drivers are distracted, but children and pets are equally diverting for people driving. Eating, drinking, applying makeup and other types of grooming are all extremely distracting while trying to drive.

Many newer vehicles are equipped with on-board GPS systems that makes it easier to find destinations but can cause people to make lane changes without proper spacing or signaling. Following along with GPS on phones is even more distracting.

According to statistics gathered by law firms, one of the most underestimated causes of distracted driving is talking with passengers. It’s natural for people to converse when traveling together, but the real problem arises when drivers take their eyes off the road to look at the person to which they’re speaking.

Those distracted driving hazards and situations don’t even take into account brightly colored flashing signs to identify businesses and amusements. While billboards have been banned in many locations, there are still some areas where they can be found, complete with high-tech messaging designed specifically to attract attention.

When it comes to distracted drivers, truckers must be vigilant against the errors of others at all times and be prepared for anything. However, they must also be careful not to develop careless habits of their own and not allow outside influences from a myriad of sources that steal their attention away from the road.

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