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The trailers used for hauling construction equipment are highly specialized to accommodate the various sizes, shapes and weights involved. Having the right trailer for the cargo is essential to ensure the safe delivery of the load and other motorists on the road. Generally, the higher the profile and weight of the equipment, the more specialized the trailer requirements. The range of construction equipment is extensive and includes excavators, backhoes and pavers to trucks, loaders and track machines.

Construction Equipment Trailers


These trailers are used for smaller loads that are less than an entire truckload and when the cargo is time sensitive. They often have gooseneck hookups and are available in styles encompassing multi-level and low boy designs.


A type of flatbed trailer, a step-deck has two levels. The upper deck is typically used for hauling detachable accessories such as plows and buckets. They’re often utilized to transport equipment such as cranes or bulldozers that won’t fit on a standard flatbed. They have built-in ramps to provide versatility and easy loading of the cargo. The trailers are also available in single stretch and double stretch configurations.


A removable gooseneck trailer (RGN) is used to transport freight with dimensions that are tall or long. The front portion is detachable, while the bottom can be lowered.to create a ramp for loading. Cargo can be driven, pushed or rolled onto the trailer.

Double Drop

Double drop trailers are sometimes called a lowboy. The deck dips in the middle to accommodate high profile equipment and bring taller equipment lower to the ground. The trailers are often used to transport different types of earth moving equipment. Cargo can be loaded from the back or sides. They’re available in fixed neck, fixed gooseneck and removable gooseneck to accommodate different deck lengths and weights. They have drop ramps for easy cargo loading and are available in extended configurations.

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