The differences and advantages in one trailer over another may not be immediately discernable to the inexperienced. A professional heavy haul company is able to select the best trailer for the job based on the cargo to be transported. Trailers are specifically designed for certain types of transport requirements that exceed designated weight, width, height and length standards.

Heavy haulers routinely transport items ranging from mining equipment, agricultural machinery and boats to military vehicles, fire trucks and SWAT vehicles.


They’re versatile, with open sides, back and front. They can be loaded from multiple directions and are appropriate for items that aren’t affected by precipitation, though the cargo can be tarped when needed.

Step Deck

They have two deck levels and accommodate equipment such as cranes. The trailers have ramps for easy loading. Similar to a double drop deck trailer, they have an upper and lower deck where the freight sets. The upper level can be used for detachable accessories such as plows.

Stretch Single Drop & Double Drop Deck

Commonly known as a lowboy, a drop deck is a multi-level trailer with the center built lower than the front and back end, allowing cargo to ride lower to the ground. Some of its many uses is to transport tall items such as boats, farm equipment, and earth moving machines. Extendable drop deck trailers accommodate extra-long loads. The stretchable beds can be extended to carry items such as pipes and lumber.

Removable Gooseneck (RGNs)

Designed to carry long and tall loads, the front is detachable and the bottom portion can be lowered to create a ramp for loading wheeled and track vehicles. The vehicles can be driven onto the trailer and they’re offered in standard and extendable options.


They’re giants of the highway, equipped to haul particularly heavy or long loads. They’re routinely used to transport turbines, transformers, generators, industrial equipment, and can be adapted to perfectly fit the payload.

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