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Freight is moving again after being stuck on docks during the pandemic. The money lost in the trucking industry was significant as drivers sometimes waited days to collect their cargo. Many with the certifications and experience began opting for different types of loads. There are 5 types of cargo that are more profitable than others.

Heavy Haul

Heavy haulers transport a variety of equipment and machinery that exceeds usual dimensions. It encompasses everything from construction equipment and agricultural machinery to steel girders and military machines. Companies that are able to transport those loads safely and efficiently with highly specialized trailers are in extremely high demand. Heavy haul loads are those that exceed 8.6 ft. wide, longer than 48 to 53 ft., taller than 13.6 ft., and heavier than 80,000 lbs.

Luxury Cars

Luxury, classic and vintage cars aren’t transported on car haulers like new vehicles being delivered to a dealership. These types of vehicles are transported in covered trailers. They command a higher cost due to the extra care afforded to maintain them in pristine condition.

Hazmat Hauling

There’s no shortage of dangerous loads that travel on the nation’s highways. They include those that are liquid, solid or gaseous in nature. The cargo encompasses substances that are explosive, corrosive, poison, or radioactive. The materials have the ability to contaminate the soil, water and even air if spilled or leaked. Special certifications are required to handle these loads.


The trucks are able to transport a wide variety of substances ranging from gas and diesel fuel to natural gas, liquified petroleum, and chemicals. Tankers also haul more mundane cargo such as juice, water and wine, along with milk and molasses.

Mining Industry

Transporting cargo for the mining industry is primarily oil and gas, but can include coal, oil, metal ore, and quarried stone.

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