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Transporting heavy equipment requires specialized handling, preparation and trailers. Equipment that exceeds a certain height, weight, width or length limits can require escort services, specific permits and signage, or a specialized trailer for it to be legally and safely conveyed.

Bulldozers, loaders, cranes and cement mixers are just some of the types of equipment that can be hauled. It’s even possible to transport decommissioned tanks and similar types of military equipment for display at a variety of venues for a myriad of organizations. An oversize load is usually anything less than 80,000 pounds, 13.5 ft. high, 8.5 ft. wide, and 53 ft. long.


There will be permits to transport an oversize load and even through multiple states if applicable. Fuel permits and trip permits will be needed, along with signage and an escort vehicle. An approved route will also have to be established that takes into account overpasses, tunnels, bridges and other features that could have an impact on the load.

There will typically be restrictions on when the specialized trailer can operate, under what types of weather conditions, and on certain roads due to their rating or traffic congestion. A professional heavy hauler will be able to ascertain the type of trailer needed and arrange for permits and logistics.

Specialized Trailers

A removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer is the preferred method for transporting machinery that’s taller or longer than usual. RGN trailers can be lowered to the ground to create a ramp, enabling wheeled and track vehicles to be driven onto the specialized trailer for ease of loading and off-loading.

Other options exist, such as step-deck and stretch double drop deck trailers, depending on the item to be hauled. Outriggers are beneficial for large pieces of equipment when a large separation exists between the wheels or tracks. Outriggers swing out to expand the trailer’s surface area.

Super Loads

There are also specialized trailers for what’s considered super loads. These are items that exceed 150,000 pounds, 16 ft. high, 10 ft. wide, and 75 ft. in length. Some examples of a super load would be HVAC equipment, industrial boilers, mining equipment, power generators and power plant transformers, and turbines. Beam trailers, platform trailers and steerable dollies are all trailer options for super loads.

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