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There are many ways to transport heavy equipment and some are much better than others. Safety is a prime concern when hauling heavy equipment and the method of transport will depend largely on the type and size of the machinery being transported. Most people automatically picture a standard flatbed trailer and while it can work for some things, it’s not necessarily the best choice for every piece of equipment.

Transport Heavy Equipment

There are multiple variables to consider when having heavy equipment hauled. Those include weight, height, length and width. Many types of heavy equipment can be disassembled so it’s easier to move and doesn’t exceed legal dimensions to become a super load. There are also multiple trailer types that professionals may use, reliant upon the equipment to be hauled.

Double Drop

The most popular method of transport for heavy equipment is one with a bed that’s lower in the middle than on either end. Especially popular for hauling track machines, the advantages are that it creates a cradle with a lower center of gravity and also aids in keeping loads below height limits. If a piece of the equipment must be detached, there’s also room to haul it separately on the same trailer.

Drop Deck Flatbed

A drop deck trailer is exactly as it sounds. It’s a trailer that’s designed low to the ground and has two deck levels. It’s equally appropriate for moving heavy equipment that might exceed height limits. The deck drops down after clearing the tractor.

Sliding Axle Trailer

Another option for transport heavy equipment is a sliding axle trailer. The trailer doesn’t require ramps for loading equipment and has the ability to lower and tilt the bed for specialized loading of equipment. An example would be pavers. The machines require a 6-degree angle for loading and this type of trailer makes any piece of equipment easy to load. It also provides maximum deck space.

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