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Best Way to Transport Heavy Equipment

Individuals and companies can move their heavy equipment by rail or truck across the U.S. A full 72.5 percent of all freight, including heavy equipment, is transported by truck. Shipping equipment to its destination by truck is the most cost-effective route, primarily due to the number of trailer options and services available.

Multiple Trailers

Heavy haul companies have a variety of highly specialized trailers available that makes transporting any type of heavy equipment easier. Models are available that allow equipment to be loaded from multiple directions and enables track or wheeled vehicles to be driven on the trailer. Low profile trailers allow transport of equipment that would otherwise not meet height requirements for overland movement. The trailers are specially designed to handle the weight of heavy equipment.

Dismantling Services

A heavy haul company also provides dismantling of machinery to separate attachments ranging from booms to plows is available. The service allows attachments to be hauled on the same trailer as the equipment to facilitate transport.

Logistics and Tracking

Heavy haul companies offer advanced logistics to map the best route for transport, enabling equipment to arrive safely and on time, whether its being shipped cross country or being delivered to a dock for shipping abroad. The company obtains all relevant permits and provides tracking. Clients know exactly where their property is throughout every leg of its journey. The companies are also cognizant of the different laws and requirements each state maintains regarding heavy hauls.

Specialized Needs

The height, width, weight and length of the machinery may require the use of lights, signage or escort vehicles. A heavy haul trucking company provides all of these whenever they’re needed.

Reduced Risk

There are many components associated with transporting heavy equipment and they must work in harmony. A heavy haul trucking company takes care of every element to reduce and minimize risk for clients.


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