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In the interests of safety and facilitating deliveries, many trucking companies have adopted modern GPS routes technologies. They function in much the same way as a passenger vehicle GPS, but they provide a myriad of other information to a fleet manager based on a specific truck and the load that’s being transported, along with its weight, height, length and any applicable load restrictions.

GPS Routes

There’s a wealth of GPS models designed for truckers and they deliver a much more complex range of information. They help truckers deliver their cargo with more efficiency, less stress, and improved safety. The devices also help truckers save on fuel costs. Weather and traffic conditions can change radically depending on a multitude of factors and a trucking specific GPS provides drivers with real-time traffic and weather updates.

Trucking GPS routes units are equipped with Wi-Fi and have the ability to work with onboard backup cameras, speakers, electronic logging devices (ELDs) and a variety of other equipment and systems. Data is available about overpasses, bridges and roads that are inappropriate for the truck and its dimensions. Depending on the unit, it will also inform truckers about restaurants, rest areas, weigh stations, and safe places to park for the night.

Dozens of GPS routes apps are available for download, but the data they provide is often limited, relies on the trucking community for information, and charge a monthly usage fee. Some have add-ons that can be downloaded, but the cost can quickly add up. Drivers can still quickly find themselves on a road with a low overpass, narrow bridge, or roadways that aren’t designed for the weight of the truck.

A GPS routes unit designed for passenger vehicles isn’t up to the specifications required by truckers. Any trucking company or private hauler would do well to spend the extra money for a GPS navigation unit designed specifically for the trucking industry instead of taking chances on a car GPS or downloadable app.

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