There are multiple variables to consider when choosing an equipment hauling company. For many, the cost is a primary factor, but cheap doesn’t mean better and can end up costing far more than a reputable hauler would have charged. The following are the top six considerations when hiring a heavy hauler.


It’s imperative that the hauler have equipment that’s capable of performing the task. Trailers and tow vehicles must be able to haul the cargo without exceeding specified load limits and be adequate in size for the job. For instance, loose materials such as mulch, sand or dirt will require a dump truck, not a flatbed trailer.


Heavy hauling is a strictly regulated industry. Individuals should ensure that the company has the necessary permits and licensing for the type of vehicle needed and the load that will be transported. Without those measures, individuals are placing their equipment at risk and can find themselves facing liability issues.

Safety Measures

Never take safety measures for granted. The safety of equipment and employees can be at risk. An extensive array of state and federal standards is in place governing the safety measures to which heavy haulers must adhere. Reputable companies should be willing to share the types of precautions and safety methods they use.


Having the appropriate insurance is critical when working with a heavy hauler company. Don’t assume that the company’s insurance will cover damage to the cargo, injuries, or property damage that may occur. The same standards apply whether the items being transported are going across town or cross country.


The company’s pricing and services should be clearly spelled out. If all the company can provide is an estimate, clients can very well find themselves looking at any number of expensive fees for “extra” services. Don’t be reticent about requesting an itemized list of services and prices.


Everyone has a budget and to obtain the safest and most comprehensive range of services at the best cost, talk with several companies and compare their prices and stated services. The least expensive isn’t always the best option.

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