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heavy hauling exportExporting equipment and machinery overseas is completely different than shipping it across the U.S. There are dozens of details, permits and paperwork that must be completed. There will be specific rules, legal requirements, and licensing rules to which companies will need to adhere. There are many important steps for successful heavy hauling export. Whenever possible, contract with a full-service heavy hauler for a turnkey solution.

The salient point for exporters to understand is that cheaper doesn’t mean better. The knowledge and experience needed for successful heavy hauling export is extensive. Be sure to shop around and compare services before entering into any contract.


The logistics of exporting involves more than simply showing up at the dock. A logistics company can be engaged to handle the details or shippers and hire a full-service heavy hauler. The company will be able to determine what type of transport is needed depending on the length, height, weight and width of the freight to be moved and the states through which it will travel.


The sheer volume of paperwork needed for exporting is prodigious and it’s just one of the many advantages of contracting with a heavy hauler that’s familiar with the export process. If the cargo is shipping by air, an air waybill will be needed, though the vast majority of exports are shipped by water.

For exporting by ship, there will be a bill of lading and a certificate of conformity may be required depending on the item being exported. A certificate of origin will typically be needed for customs, along with a commercial invoice. A dock/warehouse receipt ensuring proper labeling and accountability is needed at the point of embarkation. There will also be an insurance certificate, export license, export packing list, and inspection certification.

Heavy Hauling Export Pickup

One of the many benefits of contracting with a heavy hauler is that the company will be experienced and knowledgeable about the correct trailer or truck that will best serve the transport process. The heavy hauler will know if a container or any specialized equipment will be needed for the load and be well-versed in safely securing loads.


The company will be able to calculate the best route to take to ensure any item is delivered in a safe and timely manner, and if an escort vehicle or mandated signage will be required for the load. The closest port to the exporter isn’t always the best option. Part of the logistics of delivery is knowing the best port to use to expedite shipping.

Ports for Heavy Hauling Export

Each port has specific documents that will be required upon delivery of the cargo and a heavy haul company will know what those are and can facilitate deliveries through pre-registration. A pre-registered operator typically makes it through the process quicker, thereby eliminating long wait times for authorization to send items swiftly on their way.

With over a decade of transporting and Heavy Haul experience, we ensure any and all of your heavy equipment export is transported safely. Our skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your load where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

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