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There are numerous checks that drivers must make before they hit the road with their heavy haul load. They’re designed to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination safely and securely. According to the American Automobile Association, more than 200,000 crashes were the result of loose loads or debris. Those accidents resulted in 39,000 injuries and 500 fatalities.

5 Safety Checks


There are multiple types of trailers for hauling heavy loads and choosing the right trailer for the job is imperative. It has to be able to haul the weight of the cargo safely. Always ensure that the trailer has been properly secured to the tractor and is right for the load being transported.

Rules and Regulations

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations that must be met, along with Department of Transportation mandates. Depending on those and other variables, you may require an escort vehicle to accompany the load. You may also need special signage, lights, and emergency equipment, and be limited in the time you can drive – such as sunup to sundown.

Size Matters

Be sure to measure the width, height and length to ensure its within specified parameters. Never make assumptions. You may have hauled similar loads in the past, but even simple differences such as tracks or tire size can create complications that must be remedied before embarking on the delivery.

Clean and Secure

Every load should be washed down and be clear of debris before leaving to ensure dirt clods or other items don’t fall off the trailer. A secured load is a safe load. There are specific rules for tying down different types of loads to which drivers must conform. Those regulations ensure that the load doesn’t become loose, roll off the trailer, or tip. If a machine must be partially disassembled to fit dimension requirements, it must also be secured.

Maintaining Contact

Always maintain communication with your home base. Road construction, storms or natural disasters can require taking an alternate route. The company needs to know that so they can accurately map an appropriate alternative course that doesn’t place you or the load in jeopardy.

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