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Safety is always a priority when performing a heavy haul. Drivers know and understand the many things that can potentially occur. It’s a process that no heavy haul driver takes lightly. The following are four tips for drivers to ensure that every heavy haul project is safe and arrives on time.

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Know the Load

Heavy haul drivers know every detail of their load. A critical aspect of every heavy haul is the dimensions and weight of the equipment, machinery or object they’re delivering. It means the difference between a heavy haul load and a super load. Those elements will affect the trailer that’s used to haul the cargo to the logistics of the route taken.

The Right Trailer

There are different types of trailers for a reason. The right trailer for the job ensures the safety of the cargo, other motorists, the ease with which it’s transported, and accommodates different heights, weights, lengths and widths of the object to be moved.


There are some standard federal permits that are required, but each state also has specific permits that are needed. The scope of permitting increases when shipping overseas or across country borders. Some documentation must be presented in a paper form, while other permits are created digitally. Drivers may need escort drivers or special signage. Even the type of safety equipment a driver must carry can vary widely, depending upon the state.


The route that heavy haul drivers take must be planned carefully to ensure the load arrives on time and meets other types of deadlines. There are also bridges, overpasses, toll roads, high traffic areas, rough roads, and construction zones to consider. Depending on the load, drivers may only be allowed to travel during certain times of the day. The route that’s taken will affect the safety, time and cost of transporting the load.

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